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We’re redefining the real estate development experience by offering direct access to well vetted and designed student housing developments.

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our approach

Redefining Real Estate

Our unique approach sets us apart in the industry and allows us to create tailored investment solutions for our clients. Our entrepreneurial spirit, scrappiness, and unwavering confidence drive us to seize opportunities that others might overlook. We build strong, lasting relationships with our clients through our personable and authentic approach, ensuring a seamless investment experience.

Founding team

Jared Hutter
Co-Founder, Principal, Chief Snow Shoveler
Head of New Development, Acquisitions & Equity
Brian Rosen
Co-Founder, Principal
Head of Construction, Asset Management & Debt
Robert Lazarowitz
Advisor & Debt Relationships

Leadership Corporate team

Zach Feldman
Vice President
New Development
Jordan Suchoff
Vice President
Asset Management
Lukas Amalfi
Development & Operations
Catia Imtar
Accounting & Bookkeeping
Our Approach

Creating Max Value  Aptitude Opportunities

Rendering of the cafe/lounge space in the Ithaca

Identify markets primed for growth

Our team evaluates markets with the Aptitude approach – combining data, market visits and local insights from brokers, businesses and universities.

Create Aptitude opportunities in those markets

Rather than wait for land or opportunities to hit the market, we create the opportunity by seeking out underutilized project sites or off-market land deals.

Design and develop the deal

Our development teams take a very hands on approach to tailor the project to fit the exact needs of each market. No two Aptitude deals are the same and we design the interiors, unit mix, amenities all to fit the exact needs of the market.

Finance the project through our select investor group

Our industry differentiated deals create direct investment opportunities in each individual project.

operation through stabilization

Our industry differentiated deals create direct investment opportunities in each individual project.

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